About LandPride Landscape and Construction


LANDPRIDE, a specialty shop, based in Manotick, Ontario, with a long reach serving the Eastern Ontario area, from in the east, Hawkesbury to Pembroke in the west & to the St. Lawrence Seaway in the South, LandPride specializes in premier Landscape construction and high end detailed Grounds keeping.


With our basic company structure formed in 1989 and LANDPRIDE formally formed in 1994, we have a long history in the area, giving us firsthand knowledge of the local environment, soils, and history of our area. Over this time, and through our formal education we have also come to understand that Landscaping is a lot more than a hobby, and is a career, a profession, a trade.




LANDPRDE has a commitment to the environment through its constant recycling of office & job site bi-products, disposal of compostable material in the appropriate city run facility, disposal of fill in a desired location on another property and the disposal of non compostable refuse in the appropriate landfill.


Our commitment doesn’t stop there. Nature, the environment, and pollution are always on our mind as this is our workspace. Therefore we have a large interest in limiting our contribution to pollution by properly maintaining vehicles and equipment, eliminating leaking instruments, & using fuels which have a less of an impact.




LANDPRIDE has an excellent safety record. We have and continue to achieve this high safety standard by having a comprehensive safety policy which includes; constantly training employees on materials and equipment, maintaining safe and clean jobsites, properly maintaining all equipment, eliminating dangers before they cause an accident and just by taking safety seriously. Management cares about its staff, clients, their properties and the general public and so we continue to develop this policy to increase its effectiveness.




LANDPRIDE is proud to be leaving its mark on Ontario. We have been serving the area for the last 20 years and know the only way of having projects sustain the long term is by using the best materials, the most thorough installation techniques and just caring about the end result. This attention to detail and commitment to quality can be seen in the thousands of projects we have completed.